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The Phage: the bacteria eater

Phage Videos

The videos on this page are all related to phages. For a curated video list on antimicrobial resistance -AMR, Superbugs, Antibiotic resistance please visit our linked site

Bacteriophage Expert Dr. Alexander Sulakvelidze

Published 21 August 2015.
Dr. Sulakvelidze, a renowned authority in the field of bacteriophage therapy, shares his views on the role of bacteriophages in combating antimicrobial resistance - AMR.

What Are Bacteriophages & How Do Bacteriophage / Phage Viruses Work? (With Animation)  

Published 29 December 2016.
Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria cells and they are the most abundant biological entities on the planet, estimated at 10^31 in population. Dr Jan Mast says "I have had the pleasure of working with and researching these phages, and have discovered 3 novel phages on my own. They're great for learning about genomics and bioinformatics because of their small genomes". Dr. Jan Mast, CODA, Groeselenberg, Ukkel, Brussel.

Dr. Tim Lu - Biofilms and Phage Therapy

Published on 26 Apr 2010.
This 11 minute film is excerpted from an interview with Dr. Tim Lu, who is an expert in characterizing & eliminating biofilms with phage therapy. He offers some insightful ways to describe complex biofilms and their connection to antibiotic resistance. Interview excerpts & videos with Bacterial Biofilm Experts (doctors & researchers): 

Revaz Adamia - Director of the Eliava Institute Tbilisi: Applied Aspects of Bacteriophages

Published 8 Mar 2012. Scientist, diplomat and politician, Revaz Adamia, describes the use of bacteriophages in medicine and his institute's journey through the Soviet collapse to the present. He is the Director of the G.Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology. Parallel to his phage research and work, Revaz had a long political career, as an MP and then appointed Georgia's Ambassador to the UN.

>Phages:Nature's Ninjas in the battle against Superbugs | Heather Hendrickson | TEDxTauranga

Published 6 Oct 2016. Heather Hendrickson is a Phage Hunter and an Evolutionary Biologist. In a world where bacteria are increasingly resistant to antibiotics she investigates bacterial genomes to understand how they evolve and exchange information, a process known as Horizontal Gene Transfer. She hunts for new bacteriophages to isolate and study in a continual search for alternative treatments to bacterial diseases.

The Secret Soviet Virus That Helps Kill Bacteria

Published on 11 Dec 2016
Antibiotic resistance is threatening to render antibiotics useless, but scientists may have found their answer in bacteria-eating viruses. 

Phage Treatment Saves A Life

25 April 2017. UC San Diego Health

Scientists and physicians at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, working with colleagues at the U.S. Navy Medical Research Center (NMRC), Texas A&M University, a San Diego-based biotech and elsewhere, have successfully used an experimental therapy involving bacteriophages.

Bacteriophages are viruses that target and consume specific strains of bacteria to treat a patient near death from a multidrug-resistant bacterium.

Video: How Sewage Saved My Husband's Life from a Superbug - Steffanie Strathdee | TEDxNashville

Published on 17 Oct 2017.
Strathdee was recently credited with saving her husband's life from a deadly superbug infection using bacteriophages –viruses that attack bacteria. The case, which involved cooperation from three universities, the U.S. Navy and researchers across the globe, shows how phage therapy is a future weapon against multi-drug resistant bacterial infections which are expected to kill 10 million people per year by 2050.

>The Deadliest Beings on the Planet

Published on 13 May 2018. A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don't even notice.


Published on 23 Sep 2016
Video explains how they work.